Bootylicious Babes - Big Bubble Butt Hoes Getting Nude And Fucked!

Camille Morgan - Built for Pleasure

Posted on: June 03, 2013
Built for Pleasure

Welcome back, Camille! Last time you were here, you had a cake with you.

"[Laughs.] Oh, man. Yes, I did. I was telling you guys that I wanted you to beat my cakes up. I remember. It was the January '11 issue. Now I am back to say, 'Eat my cake!'"

And by your cake you mean eat...

"I mean that a guy should pull down my panties and pull my booty open and bury his tongue in my ass. That's what I mean by eat my cake. Salad tossing. I like guys who are into that. The kind of men that want me to park my fat ass on their faces and ride them until I cum. Men who want to be smothered by my ass, those are the guys who really eat coochy well."

Is that why you're all oiled up? To sit on a face?

"Well, I'm oiled up so that I can get my thighs and ass massaged by a pair of strong hands. I absolutely love hands all over my body. When a massage can lead to sex, it's my favorite. That's the best of both worlds."

Built for Pleasure

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Felicia Clover - Pale Pounder

Posted on: June 01, 2013
Pale Pounder

"I am 20 years old, I live in Las Vegas and I am a cam model," said Felicia Clover, a stunner who has the breasts to be a star in Voluptuous magazine and the ass to be a star in BootyLicious. "I have a golden retriever who is the love of my life. I really like doing outdoorsy stuff, so since Vegas is so hot, I like to go swimming a lot. And sometimes I have sex while driving or when I am at the movies. I am a nice bad girl."

Okay, so let's start with sex in the movie theater.

"First of all, we find a movie theater that is really empty," she said. "Then we sneak in after the movie starts so that people are not paying attention to us. And then I have cowgirl sex in the chair. You know, bouncing up and down on the dick. But we have to be very, very, very quiet."

And as for while driving, which sounds a lot trickier...

"Well, first you find a deserted road. The more deserted, the better so you don't run into anyone. Then I have the guy lay down in the driver's seat and he puts his foot on the gas. Then I sit on his dick, reverse, and do all the steering while we have sex. I totally suggest that people try it!"

Fine, but can we try it with you, Felicia?

Pale Pounder

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Mina Scarlett - A Rump for Ridin'

Posted on: May 31, 2013
A Rump for Ridin'

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Mina. In the Jan. '09 issue of BootyLicious, you said you were looking for a guy to buy you nice things. How did that work out?

"It takes a lot of good cunt and sloppy head to get a man to take care of you, so you know that I am putting in a lot of work. But it is paying off because I am well taken care of. I have my man at home who takes care of me when I am in need of some cash and a dick to work my ass. And I have my vacation men and they break me off when I am relaxing at some tropical spot. When I went to Miami, I met up with Pike, and he loves to eat cunt, so I call him my 305 man. We were in Ridin' Phat Asses, and our scene was so hot that I watch it when I am alone and playing with my cunt."

Do your men know that you make pornos?

"All of the men I am with know about my movies and that I posed for you. I tell them and it never turns them off. In fact, it makes them want to fuck me even more! Sometimes they want to watch my scenes while we are getting freaky. I always say yes to that."

Tell us about the wildest thing that you have done while you are fucking, Mina. We want to know the freaky details!

"I'll tell you a good story. I met this couple at a club, and they were both all about fucking me. They wanted to tag-team my ass! I didn't mind because they were both sexy. So, I took them to my hotel room and I showed them some of my home pornos. Well, they got so into it that they told me to whip out my camera and direct them in a scene. Eventually, it led to them doing their first anal ever, and I caught it on film!"

A Rump for Ridin'

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Alayah Sashu - Sleeping Booty

Posted on: May 30, 2013
Sleeping Booty

Alayah is always horny, but since her man got a new job working nights, there is nothing that she can do but wait for him to get home and fuck her. But waiting is a tiring task and soon Alayah is passed out on the couch with her ass in the air. And that round booty of hers looks extra tasty to her man, so when he arrives home and finds Alayah slumbering on the sofa, he wakes her up by playing with her cunt and then fingering her. Alayah isn't one of those people who wake up grumpy, either. The minute she realizes that her man is home, she scores a home run with him right then and there. She sucks his dick and gets it lubed up and then he pile drives that cunt right on the floor. He ends up nutting after he fucks her ass cleavage and Alayah takes that coating with a smile.

Sleeping Booty

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Mina Scarlett - Ride that phat ass

Posted on: May 29, 2013
Ride that phat ass

Mina enjoyed this scene and the stud's dick so much that after he shot his load all over her phat ass, she made him one of her regular booty calls whenever she comes down to Miami. The scene starts with Mina walking down the street in booty shorts. Half her ass is exposed, and she's shaking that phat ass in public, putting on an ass show that could cause an earthquake if we had earthquakes in Miami. Then Pike picks her up on his bike. Good move by him.

"Thanks for the ride," Mina says when they get back to her place. "Now you ready to ride this ass?"

Mina removes her booty shorts so we can get a better look, then Pike starts working that booty over, kneading it and sucking it. This gets Mina so turned-on that she swallows his cock, and while she's doing that, she's spreading her cheeks so we can look into her vagina and asshole. She rides that cock and gets on all fours so she can get fucked from behind, and while the dick's in her pink hole, she jiggles her cheeks some more. No surprise, then, that the guy coats her ass with cum.

There's nothing romantic about this scene. What you're about to see is what might happen if you picked up a hooker who takes pride in her work. We're not saying Mina's a hooker, but she definitely takes pride in her work.

Ride that phat ass

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Stacey Monroe - West Coast Rumpshaker!

Posted on: May 28, 2013
West Coast Rumpshaker!

You're a newcomer and we love your tits and ass... "Well thank you! I am glad you noticed that I am curvy all over. Most guys see my tits and forget about my ass and vice versa. I like it when people see me as a whole package.
My friends all joke that I am tiny but my curves are mighty! That's 'cause I'm packing all this t 'n' a on a 5' frame. What do you think about them apples, huh?

We like them apples, Stacey! "Most guys do. Especially when they seeme in a bikini. That's how I actually started modeling. I was on the beach in a string bikini and a photographer approached me."

What makes ou cum? "Well, I like it when a guy will eat my cooch and ass like a savage. He has to get in there and let me glaze his entire face with my cooch juice. And I also like to have my nipples stimulated during sex. If you play with my nipples during sex, I can actually squirt. My exes call me Lil' Squirt and people think it's because of my size, but it's not!"

West Coast Rumpshaker!

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Felicia Clover - Anal-loving, big-titted, big-assed 21-year-old

Posted on: May 27, 2013
Anal-loving, big-titted, big-assed 21-year-old

Felicia Clover is 21 years old and has big, natural, F-cup tits. It would be a shame for those tits not to get fondled and squeezed and fucked. But don't worry. In this scene, they get fondled and squeezed and fucked. Felicia also has a big, round, plush, 43-inch booty. It would be a shame for that booty not to get fondled, squeezed and fucked, but don't worry. In this scene, it gets fondled and squeezed and fucked. Yeah, it's a mighty good day when a 21-year-old babe is taking it up the ass for all the world to see.

"It's a nice booty, don't you think?" Felicia asked us. She didn't expect an answer. We just nodded our heads like idiots.

She also said, "I can't wear short shorts because my ass falls out of the bottom and also comes out of the top. " We nodded like idiots again, not knowing what's wrong with her ass falling out of her shorts. Who's going to complain?

And then Felicia said, "I love to give head when I am drunk. I also love it when you put caramel on it. If you cover a dick in caramel, I will have a lot of fun."

As for anal, Felicia said, "Of course I love anal! Wouldn't it be a shame if an ass like mine didn't get fucked?"

Our thoughts exactly.

Anal-loving, big-titted, big-assed 21-year-old

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Cherize Roze - Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Posted on: May 25, 2013
Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Cherise Roze is 21 years old, was born in Oakland, California and lives in Newark, New Jersey. You might care about that. It means the girl's young and has ghetto pedigree. But what you're gonna care about more is that she has a 52-inch booty, and it's good to see that a girl her age isn't shy about showing it off.

"I used to take hip-hip and jazz when I was young," Cherise says. "Not I'm an exotic dancer. "I'm definitely an exhibitionist. I love showing it all off, and I don't care who sees me."

Shaking that 52-inch booty on stage and letting guys grab it in the V.I.P. room. Making her ass clap and thunder. In this scene, she's wearing a fishnet body suit, and when she jiggles her ass, it rattles all over the fucking place. We're talking about ripples! The body suit already has a hole in the crotch area for easy cock access, but just in case you need more help, Cherise spreads her ass for a better view. Then she spreads her legs, taps her pussy and proudly shows off her young, pink pussy. But this is an ass show, and the best part is when Cherise shimmies that booty out of her bodysuit. And then the hole-fingering and spreading really begins!

"I'm into choking and ass-sitting," Cherise said. "I've had gang bangs, girls, I've had sex in malls and public places, everything."

And she's only 21.

Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

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Raven Sky - Two Girls, One Cock

Posted on: May 24, 2013
Two Girls, One Cock

Raven Sky and Sweet Sinsacion are bff's. That's booty friends forever, for those of you not in the know. They share everything; clothes, accessories, makeup...cock. These ladies are so close that they like to lick each other's twats and assholes and when they are dripping wet and about to cum, they like to share a stiff dick and take turns riding it. That's awfully friendly of them, isn't it? Sharing is caring and they look like they care a whole lot about this man meat. It's nice to see cock cooperation between two BootyLicious babes.

Two Girls, One Cock

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Balcony Booty

Posted on: May 23, 2013
Balcony Booty

Welcome back, Daphne. Tell us how you got stretched wide by this huge cock.
"You know what? I loved fucking for this shoot. It felt really good. When I saw Dred's cock I knew it was going to fill me right up and I was right. He came out to the balcony, took my clothes off, bent me over and drilled me right there. I was excited because I saw that there were people on the other balconies watching him spread my ass wide to take more of his cock."

You'll love watching Daphne's pale tail be pummeled by this big, ebony cock.

Balcony Booty

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Keita Eden - Dressed Up For Fuckin'

Posted on: May 22, 2013
Dressed Up For Fuckin'

"I think it's important for a woman to get dressed up and do something special for her man," says bulbous-bootied Keita Eden. "I like to put on some sexy lingerie and chill some champagne and wait for my man to get home from a long day at work. Then I like to let him relax by putting his hard cock in my mouth until it's nice and hard and ready to stuff in my juicy cunt. Of course I don't mind if my man wants to get himself a taste of my sweet ass, either. He can lick it and finger it and then slide his big thang all up in my ass and pound me until I cum. I like for sex to start off as sensual and erotic and then build up into some nasty, hardcore fuckin'. That's how I want it, daddy. I'll dress up so you can dick me down."

Dressed Up For Fuckin'

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Bedeli B. - Babe in Buttland

Posted on: May 21, 2013
Babe in Buttland

Bedeli Buttland, a Cuban babe with blonde hair and a big ass that thunders and shakes, makes her debut by getting her throat, cunt and ass fucked. Bedeli was born in Cuba and lives in Miami, Florida, where she's pursuing the American dream by being a swinger and porn star. Her goal in life?

"I'm just concentrating on making it far in porn," Bedeli said. She'll make it as far as she wants if she keeps doing what she's doing here.

"The more I receive, the more I want," Bedeli said of her sexual appetite. "I have sex four or five times a week. I'd do it more if I had the time. I'm open to anything kinky, but I love being on top and getting fucked from behind doggie-style."

Bedeli also told us, "I had awesome sex at a club in Miami. Not many were watching, but, yes, it was public. It was a threesome, me, my hubby, and a guy we met. He was a ebony guy with a big cock. I almost fell in love!"

Bedeli says the funniest pickup line she's ever heard was, "Tu con tantas curves y yo sin frenos! That means, 'You have lots of curves, and I don't have any brakes."

No need for brakes with a girl like Bedeli. She's up for anything.

Babe in Buttland

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Sara Jay - Zebra Girl

Posted on: May 20, 2013
Zebra Girl

Sara Jay is as famous for her wide-screen ass-cheeks as she is for her big boobs and deep-throating mouth. In this scene, Asante is all over Sara's huge jugs like chocolate on white. He checks out the blonde porn star's booty, a butt built like a chocolate or Latina girl's ass. Sara wears chocolate and white striped skin-tight jeggings that wrap around her butt like plastic wrap. She is very proud of that ass.

"I like to show my ass off, so I'll turn around and show it to the guy, and that way he can see his cock going in and out of my pussy while he looks at my ass," she said. "And maybe he plays with my ass, too. You know, pulls it apart and squeezes it and all."

He have to love a girl who refers to her cooch as her pussy.

Known for her love of chocolate cocksmen, Sara wants his hard sausage to titty-fuck her. She kneels first, then gets on her back so he can bang her boobs, her well-known pierced tongue outstretched to flick and suck the head as it pushes towards her mouth.

"My tongue piercing is like a weight," Sara said. "My tongue is really strong and goes really fast because of that tongue weight in there. It's like a dumbbell. It's good for cootchie licking, too."

When Sara rides Asante's cock, her booty shakes and quivers like there's an earthquake going on. The girl is into it. That's why she's the one and only Sara Jay.

Zebra Girl

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Saisha McKenzie - Slick for a spankin'!

Posted on: May 20, 2013
Slick for a spankin'!

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Saisha. In the October '08 issue, you wanted to be bent over and spanked hard...
"Yup, and I've been getting that ass loving ever since! Being in BootyLicious really helped to boost my confidence and was a great way for me to connect with guys who like to worship asses like mine. Now, I get spanked all the time."

And what other kinds of ass play are you into? Just spanking or is there more?
"Spanking is by far my favorite because I am very submissive and want to be disciplined by men. But I don't mind sitting on my lover's face and grinding my ass all over his tongue and nose until I cum. That was a first for me, but
now that I've tried it, I am into it."

Is there a right way to spank someone, Saisha?
"Yes there is. You have to cup your hand a little and then bring it down really fast on the ass cheek. If you leave your hand flat, it will hurt. And by cupping the hand a little, you get this really loud slapping noise and a little bit of pain. It feels good. And the loud noise is what makes it really exciting."

What about anal? Are you into that, too?
"Actually, I've been experimenting with sex toys while I have sex. So far, I kind of like having a cock in my coochy and a toy in my ass. The orgasms are very intense!"

Slick for a spankin'!

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Honey Monroe - First Place Freak

Posted on: May 18, 2013
First Place Freak

Honey Monroe has just won the gold in the 100 meter dash and while being interviewed about her victory, she lets this reporter in on the secret behind her athletic prowess. "It's my glutes! Look at them!" and then she shakes her ass for him and the rest of the viewing public. That's right, Honey has a strong ass and she wants the world to know it so she pops and jiggles it and then encourages this reporter to feel on it. (Athletes are, after all, public figures, right?) And while we know that athletes have to follow a strict physical regimen, Honey's regimen includes sucking on cock, bouncing her big ass up and down while getting dicked down and taking a stiff one up her tight asshole. And of course, all that fucking makes a girl hot, so she needs a good hosing down with cum to cool off. So what are you waiting for? Watch Honey take the dick and then get that gold-medal ass coated in jizz!

First Place Freak

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Gabrielle Love - Nothing but curves

Posted on: May 17, 2013
Nothing but curves

"I love having a curvy body," says 34HH-32-48 Gabrielle Love of Long Beach, California. "I think that it's great that I have what a lot of women pay lots of money to get. I don't mind when men look at me, either. It's natural for men to see a woman they find attractive and react to her. I like receiving compliments about how I look. Guys should just be honest and polite about it and women won't mind it."

In other words, don't walk up to her and grab her boobs or slap her ass. But you can say, "You have beautiful boobs," or, "I love your ass." That's okay.

"I was on a date and we went for a walk along the beach at night," Gabrielle said. "We had sex in the sand and someone was watching us the whole time. I saw him in the distance. It really turned me on!"

Gabrielle can get as kinky as the next girl, but...

"What really gets me going is kissing. I know it sounds very tame, but I actually like passionate kisses all over my body. I like when a man is inside me really deep and is kissing me at the same time. And I love oral, but I think every woman likes having her beaver licked."

Nothing but curves

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Ms Juicy - The Thong Team's five-way orgy

Posted on: May 16, 2013
The Thong Team's five-way orgy

Here, we have three chocolate beauties with huge asses. Their names are Ms. Juicy, Skyy ebony and Kelly Starr. They make those booty cheeks shake and thunder. They do other tricks, too. Their asses are so big, sometimes it looks like they're wearing elastic bands around their waists and nothing else because their butt cheeks suck up the vertical portion of the fabric.

They get down on all fours. There's more shaking and thundering.

"We're gonna have a thong orgy," one of them says. Who the fuck knows which one says it? We're so fixated on their booties, we can't see their lips moving.

But this isn't all about shaking booties. It's about fucking.

So the guys show up. Two of them. And their cocks come out, and they're not out for long before they're in the girls' mouths.

There's hard banging. There's face-sitting (because there are only two cocks to go around, so when one girl's twat isn't filled with dick, she sits on another girl's face to keep the pleasure going).

There's a lot of moaning. There's cum flying everywhere, but mostly on the girls' ass cheeks.

Now the question is: How does a member of The Thong Team clean the cum off her ass? That's something you'll want to see.

The Thong Team's five-way orgy

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Pinky - Booty Camp Threeway

Posted on: May 16, 2013
Booty Camp Threeway

Commander Pinky believes in keeping her privates active and her recruits even more active servicing her coochy and asshole. As we meet Pinky in her quarters, Soldier Steed massages Pinky's BootyLicious butt-cakes with white cream. Her riding crop keeps him on-target and on the job. Pinky is larger than life and so is her sex hyper-drive. Her fuckin' ass rules this military camp. She takes no prisoners. Recruit Jasmine excitedly enters Pinky's fuck outpost with some bullshit about her novio (Spanish for boyfriend). Pinky's not interested in Jasmine's soap operas. She wants Jasmine's butt; specifically, Pinky wants to lick Jasmine's Latin ass-cheeks and her little ass-hole with her saliva-dripping tongue. What a dirty bitch. She and Soldier take turns licking Jasmine's A-hole and once they get started, look out! It's a nasty, filthy three-way drill run by one of the nastiest, raunchiest, dirtiest hos in the entire adult video scene, Pinky! If you've never seen Pinky in fucking, sucking and salad-tossing action and never heard the filth that comes out of her mouth, chances are excellent that you will become Pinky's recruit after this video. At-ten-hut!

Booty Camp Threeway


Peaches Gordon - Do you like Peaches?

Posted on: May 15, 2013
Do you like Peaches?

Thanks for posing for BootyLicious, Peaches! You're looking mighty ripe...
"[Laughs.] And I'm tasty, too. Just in case you were wondering. In my hometown in North Carolina the guys call me Juicy and Sweet Thang because of my name and my big and lovely booty."

Tell us what you like for guys to do to that juicy booty.
"I like guys to kiss my ass. [Laughs.] And no, I don't mean that sarcastically. I actually like it when a man will bend me over and kiss and lightly bite on my booty. It makes me feel like he wants to work me over from head to toe and that gets me really wet and ready for sex."

Do you like Peaches?

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Rose Lane - Chica Cushion

Posted on: May 14, 2013
Chica Cushion

"I was born in Puerto Rico and I moved to Miami to pursue modeling and to work as a personal trainer," Rose Lane said. "But these days I am doing more modeling than working out. But I still try and do a lot of squats so I can keep my butt firm and sexy. What do you think? Does it look good?"

It looks great, Rose. Firm and spankable.

"My ass is my best asset. I love the reaction it gets from guys when I wear a tight dress or when I am in workout clothes at the gym. In fact, sometimes when I am at the gym and on the Stairmaster, I can look back and there are a bunch of guys on the treadmills behind me just checking out my ass. I love it! It motivates me to workout even harder to keep my ass looking right!"

Whatever she's doing, it's working.

Chica Cushion

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Ms Juicy - Ms. Juicy, Skyy Black & Kelly Starr: The Thong Team

Posted on: May 13, 2013
Ms. Juicy, Skyy Black & Kelly Starr: The Thong Team

Welcome back, ladies! We want to play on your team, Kelly!
"You should want to play on my team because I think that I am the MVP of all anal play! And let me just say that I loved making the movie Thong Team because we got to spend time in Miami and it is a very sexy city! I had so much fun doing this orgy scene, too, because Juicy and Skyy are amazing. Everywhere I turned there were big asses and hot titties. And hard dicks! I can't forget all of the hard dicks because they were so good. I really like being in orgies because you can do anything and everything goes and because in an orgy, it is all about pleasure."

Hi, Skyy! When we saw you in the Feb. '09 issue of BootyLicious, you and Juicy were taking on two cocks, and now you've added another coochy to that sex equation!
"I told you in that issue and I will repeat it here, when it comes to sex, the more the merrier! This orgy was really wild because Juicy and Kelly love to fuck. I would get into the zone and start loving on the dick and then I would hear some crazy moaning and look over and see Kelly getting cock in her ass and see Juicy fingering herself watching us have sex and it would set me off! I came so many times during this scene that I had cum running down my thighs!"

What was your favorite scene for the Thong Team, Juicy? Did you finally give up that ass?
"No, I am still a booty virgin, but you never know. I thought about giving up the ass during this scene because it was off the chain how raunchy it got. I loved it when the girls were getting dick and I was sitting back, touching my coochy and watching them get off. It is great to be a voyeur sometimes. But I wasn't touching myself and watching for too long because in no time, Skyy was fingering and spitting in my coochy, getting me nice and wet and ready to get some hard cock. She loves to get nasty with girls, especially when there is a stiff dick waiting for us!"

Ms. Juicy, Skyy Black & Kelly Starr: The Thong Team

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Keita Eden - Dressed Up For Fuckin'

Posted on: May 11, 2013
Dressed Up For Fuckin'

"I think it's important for a woman to get dressed up and do something special for her man," says bulbous-bootied Keita Eden. "I like to put on some sexy lingerie and chill some champagne and wait for my man to get home from a long day at work. Then I like to let him relax by putting his hard cock in my mouth until it's nice and hard and ready to stuff in my juicy twat. Of course I don't mind if my man wants to get himself a taste of my sweet ass, either. He can lick it and finger it and then slide his big thang all up in my ass and pound me until I cum. I like for sex to start off as sensual and erotic and then build up into some nasty, hardcore fuckin'. That's how I want it, daddy. I'll dress up so you can dick me down."

Dressed Up For Fuckin'

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Bedeli B. - Cum to Buttland

Posted on: May 10, 2013
Cum to Buttland

This scene opens with Cuban hottie Bedeli getting her ass manhandled and spanked. Her ass ripples when it's spanked, but the sound is solid.

"Spank my ass," Bedeli demands, and she gives it a few whacks, too, just for good measure. "Grab my ass, baby!" she says before mounting her man.

She gets her ass in his face so he can eat out her asshole, then the guy uses his fingers to open up her pussy and asshole and spit inside. Judging by the way she's moaning, Bedeli enjoys it.

Bedeli gets fucked. Then she lies back, spreads her legs and gags on cock while getting her asshole and pink pussy spread wide into the camera.

But will that white ass get fucked?

And will Bedeli open her mouth for cum?

And will she suck the cum and her ass juices off that cock?

Watch and see.

Cum to Buttland

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Chelsea Mourning - Your Cream Dream

Posted on: May 08, 2013
Your Cream Dream

Nice to see you again, Chelsea! In the January '11 issue you posed by a pool...
"And all by my lonesome! I know. But then I saw this big dick and I had to come back and get myself a piece of it. I can never turn down a big, chocolate dick, especially when I can't even wrap my hand around it! Trust me when I tell you after I fucked it, I was walking really funny for days!"

Don't you have a girlfriend? Did she mind that you got turned out?
"Yes I do and she was watching my cunt get split by this dick the whole time. I even caught her playing with her cunt while she watched. She loved every second of it. We share guys all the time!"

What was the best thing about this scene for you?
"I loved the doggie-style. I must have cum like five times in a row. But I also loved the mouth-load of cum, too. It was delicious."

Your Cream Dream

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Gizelle Stallion - Butt-fucked beauty

Posted on: May 07, 2013
Butt-fucked beauty

Some girls like to have sex, but Gizelle Stallion loves the dick. She sucks it, fucks it and she even likes it up her Hershey highway. We've seen a lot of big-assed stunners in our time, but this booty mama is probably one of the best fucks ever!

She sucks dick with such gusto and so much moaning that it is literally like she is playing the skin flute. And when she gets down on all fours and throws that booty in the air, you really get a full view of just how ass-tacular her butt is. It is no wonder she likes anal. With an ass like that, it would be almost a crime not to let it get fucked. And boy does it get fucked. It stretches wide for this cock!

She drops down to the ground after getting ass-plowed and throws her huge, round booty in the air to get it splashed with cum and that is the sign of a true booty baller. We salute you, Gizelle and your fucktastic asshole that needs to be ridden like a stallion.

Butt-fucked beauty

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